Zurich, October 2, 1980

Aggression floods the city. I feel lost. Able to throw a paving stone and yet alone with my anger. That settles in me and develops unexpected energies. I throw my inner window with the paving stone. Only then I'll be able to change something.

(From my diary)


8 seconds

All self-portraits have been made with the self-timer of my SLR photo camera. This was a special challenge because between the pushing of the trigger and the release of the shutter there were only eight seconds left to slip into the role of the model and taking a pose, which means that there was always also some random moment.
Back in times without autofocus, the sharpness of the images (i.e., to find myself on the focal plane) was more or less a matter of luck. Even an immediate inspection was not possible and the success could only be judged hours later after the (manual) development of the films.